Sports & Fitness Safety

Sports and fitness play an integral part in many of our lives, but they are not without risk. Injuries obtained during Sports or Fitness can be severe, resulting in lingering pain and reduced ability. When an injury occurs at a fitness club or school, several parties or entities may share in the liability depending on the unique circumstances of how the injury occurred. When such an injury limits an athlete's potential, quantifying the compensation for that loss can be multi-faceted and complex.

In these cases, an Expert Witness specializing in Sports & Fitness safety may be needed. Their specialized knowledge of the field can assist in cases encompassing claims of personal injury resulting from inadequate safety features or protocols, expected standard of care, and equipment failures. A Sports Expert can opine to the court regarding what led to the injury, who is ultimately responsible, or the legitimacy of a particular claim.

Sub Practice Areas:

  • Sports Injury Standard of Care
  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Concussions
  • Football Injury
  • Sports Facility Safety
  • Fitness Facility Safety
  • Sports Equipment Safety
  • Coaching Standard of Care
  • Personal Trainer Standard of Care
  • Sports Supervision
  • Recreational Facility Safety
  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Training Standard of Care
  • Track and Field Injury
  • Basketball Injury
  • Baseball Injury
  • Soccer Injury

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Sports & Fitness Safety

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