Dan Saban

Law Enforcement

Dan Saban, an award-winning visionary law enforcement professional with more than 37 years of public, private, and international public sector experience.

Dan’s solid reputation as a distinguished public safety leader after serving 25 years with the Mesa Police Department, Mesa, Arizona, led to his selection by the City of Buckeye, Arizona, in 2005 to serve as its Police Chief.  While in Buckeye, he transformed and reshaped, a growing department, raising the standards of professionalism, trust, respect, and performance, while creating long lasting and very successful public/private partnerships.

Dan holds a graduate level degree along with successful completion of several command leadership colleges.

He’s received numerous awards/commendations throughout his career to include; Distinguished Service Award, 24 personal law enforcement commendations, Awarded 5 unit citations; Traffic, SWAT, Training, and SID (2), Town of Gilbert Character Teamwork Award, Child Crisis Center Volunteer of the year Award, Martin Luther King "living the dream" Award, Arizona Governor’s Office and the White House for Community Initiatives in a national forum for creating the Faith Builders Public Safety Partnership in Buckeye, Arizona Awarded distinguished service award for establishing the East Valley Holiday DUI task force.

Phone: 866.795.7166
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Service Areas

  • Law Enforcement Standard of Care
  • Police Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Police Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Law Enforcement Training and Process Controls, Hiring, Development
  • Police Use of Force and Failure to Protect

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