George Jenson

Greek Fraternity

George has been involved with fraternity activities, including housing, fundraising, treasury, ceremony officiating, alcohol and drug education, membership development, and many more roles.  He writes and speaks well and can articulate his knowledge clearly to those who may be unfamiliar with this world. 

George has traveled the US and Canada on behalf of his Fraternity to facilitate leadership and personal development education, much of which he developed, and has been constantly involved as an advisor with his own chapter at the University of Arizona for the last 30 years. George has been a live-in advisor for seven years.  His volunteer history, coupled with working professionally as a consultant to fraternities for 11 years, provides him with a deep and wide well of experience to draw from.

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Service Areas

• Fraternity bylaws and responsibilities
• Fraternity party policies
• Evidence based analysis and testimony

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