eDiscovery Services

Evidence Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with the renowned eDiscovery platform Indexed I/O. As a leader in computer forensics and Expert Witness services, we realize how crucial it is to have access to cutting-edge technologies to enhance the management of eDiscovery. With the help of Indexed I/O, we can provide our clients the best of both worlds: advanced eDiscovery technology and decades of computer forensic investigation expertise.

Woman using laptop with ESI and Indexed I/O logos.


Faster Review Times
Improved Accuracy
Efficient and Reliable Searching, Analysis and Production of Information
Dedicated digital evidence support team 


The on-demand eDiscovery services from Indexed I/O are made to simplify, not complicate, the work of lawyers. Lawyers can concentrate on their data rather than the technology thanks to the platform's drag-and-drop interfaces, one-click searches, and "auto-scale" technology, which reduces typical processing times from days to minutes. The platform is powerful enough to function as the processing glue to improve even the most intricate in-house eDiscovery systems while simultaneously being simple enough for a lawyer to utilize as a stand-alone discovery solution.

Indexed I/O can adapt to the needs of any size company thanks to its versatility. Their "auto-scale" system guarantees prompt, precise results each and every time. Additionally, their in-the-cloud technology was created from scratch and is quick, efficient, and secure, making it an ideal solution for electronic discovery requirements.

You can rely on Evidence Solutions, Inc. to continue offering the highest level of service and industry knowledge. We are dedicated to keeping on the cutting edge of technology and giving our clients the finest service possible. Our cooperation with Indexed I/O is just one example of how we do this. Contact us today or fill out our convenient eDiscovery Estimate Form to learn more about how we can assist you with your next case!

Common Questions

  • Can you process my data?  Yes. Data can be uploaded through the user interface, Secure FTP, Dropbox, and Amazon AWS S2.
  • Can you process email?  Yes, not only does indexed I/O process email, it supports message threading and can automatically download data from Microsoft Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Aol, cloud storage and other email services. 
  • How long will it take?  Processing time is determined by the size of data and level of processing required by the client.
  • Who can see my data?  Only people you grant permission. The workspace can only be accessed by invitation and all activity is recorded in a log that can be reviewed by project administrators.
  • Can you get data from a Zip file?  Yes. Data can be extracted from containers (zip, pst etc.)
  • Do you have automatic features that can help me?  Yes. Numerous features are built in, including timelines, heatmaps, file types, internet domains, and personal identifiable information.
  • How many people can use the program?  Indexed I/O is web-based. You can invite as many reviewers as you like. Changes are made in real-time and can be used simultaneously by multiple users.
  • Do you support OCR?  Yes, in real-time.
  • Can you redact information?  Yes. Information can be redacted using the built-in file viewer.
  • What kind of data can you ingest?  Indexed I/O can ingest data from all industry-standard formats.
  • Can I customize my export?  Yes. Data exports are fully customizable. Indexed I/O has a pre-configured export for the Department of Justice production requirements.
  • Can you do Cellphones?  Yes. You can process Cellebrite and Oxygen files.