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Transportation Expert: To Autonomous or NOT to Autonomous

Transporation Expert:
To Autonomous or Not To Autonomous?
   Transportation and Trucking Accident Expert Witness
Trucking and Transportation Expert Articles   By John Ross   The first fatal crash of an autonomous car and semi-truck in the United States occurred... Read more...

Cyber Security Expert: Identity Thieves Use Stolen Info Fast

Digital Security Expert: Identity Thieves Use Stolen Data Faster Than You Think!   Digital Security Expert Witness / Digital Forensics Articles By Scott Greene   Identity Thieves Take As  Little As 9 Minutes To Access Stolen Accounts!      Recently, the Federal... Read more...

Accident Reconstruction Expert: Teen Dies After SUV Collision

Accident Reconstruction Expert: Teen Dies After Collision With SUV Fitchburg, Massachusetts - Two Sent to Hospital, Accident Reconstruction Helping Investigation   Fitchburg Police confirmed confirmed Perez, collided with the SUV while driving his bike on Thursday at the intersection of St.... Read more...

Cellphone Forensics Expert: Cellphone Reveals Deleted Texts

  Cellphone Forensics: Cellphone Reveals Deleted Texts in Indiana Obstruction Case   Evidence Solutions Cellphone and Digital Forensic Expert Witness   Indianapolis, Indiana. Officer Francisco Olmos, 31, was charged November 30, 2017, with obstruction of justice and computer trespass.... Read more...

Trucking Safety Expert: Two Semi Trucks Crashed and Burst Into Flames

Truck Safety Expert: Two Semi-Trucks Crashed, Burst Into Flames Buckeye, Arizona - One Truck Driver Died At The Scene, Other Injured   BUCKEYE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Two drivers collided while driving semi-trucks in Buckeye, Arizona.  The accident caused the big rigs to burse into flames. ... Read more...

Sports Injury Expert: Coping with Sports Injuries Made Easy!

  Sports Standard of Care Expert:
Coping with a Sports Injury Made Easy! Sports, Fitness and Industrial Injury Prevention Articles By Scott Greene Injuries are part of sports, and no matter how careful one can be, it is almost impossible never to sustain an injury in these activities.... Read more...

Vehicle Data Expert: Woman Arrested Car Turns Her In

Vehicle Data Forensic Expert: Woman Arrested, Car Turns Her In For Hit and Run!           Read more...